About Us

​Hey There Fashionista’s,

We would like to introduce to you F.M. Boutique!

F is Fashionista’s M is for Market!

After years and years of shopping for clothes with the only products being available being either one of two things:

– One dirt cheap in price but with “throw away” quality (wash it once or twice then trash it).

– Two, being of decent quality with an outrageous mark up.

F.M. Boutique was created with the idea of “Quality Fashion at a Fair Price” in mind. This theme will be apparent in every single one of the pieces that we bring to you.

Jordan James and Liko Fukumoto teamed up in early August and embarked on a quest to find the highest quality fashion that we could offer at the best prices. They packed their bags and jumped on a plane headed straight for Viva Las Vegas! They arrived at the MAGIC show and in one short week were able to bring back what they are sure you all will LOVE! All of you Fashionista’s have a story, and what better way to tell your story then through your daily outfit. We are here to help you tell that story with our playfully and trendy with the sweetest touch of sophisticated style, we know that you will find the perfect pieces to describe your leading role in this amazing story book called life!


Jordan and Liko.